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The Mission

Crafter Collection was born in 2020 from the values of its parent company Horwich SK. ‘To create truly fit for purpose garments, of the highest quality and provide them at a great price.’

The Challenge

To provide a quality collection of key pieces that are comfortable to wear for the entire day, great fitting and can survive the everyday demands of industry professionals.


The Message

Workwear can often be seen merely as ‘part of the job’. Through cutting edge innovations in fabric technology, co-designing new garments with the wearers and also our ‘Make your mark’ campaign, we want the crafter brand to be synonymous with building the confidence, respect and empowerment of individuals and businesses alike.

Ultimately, we are creating ‘Workwear that moves you’.

Where innovation meets quality

The Innovation

In the search for innovative fabrics that provide both durability and stretch, Crafter Collection discovered CORDURA®️; renowned as an innovative leader in producing advanced fabrics, known for their strength and durability. The first collection is crafted with a CORDURA®️ NYCO fabric enhanced with MoveX®️ technology created by Sapphire Mills.

Working with garments

Horwich SK

Established in 1988, Horwich Sewing SK started life as an industrial garment manufacturer offering a wide range of options from CMT to fully factored garments. Since its inception, the Horwich name has become synonymous with quality, honesty and integrity. Deep-rooted into our values is the need to provide honest communication and delivery on time, every time.

Providing fully factored services which can include sourcing the material and creating the whole garment. Alternatively, the CMT (cut, make and trim) approach to manufacturing may be utilised, where materials must be provided.

Modular manufacturing systems enable flexibility and quick response to demand so that we can develop the perfect production solution for customers’ needs. We operate quick response factories in Slovakia and satellite factories in Macedonia with a 30,000+ garment capacity. Our in-house expert team allows us to personally ensure the quality of the garments. We have a proven track record with Blue Chip companies and all our products are manufactured under ISO 9001 and Modular D specifications.

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